The Hoboken All Star Music Jam started as a reunion after 40 years of some of Hoboken's best musicians and bands and as a means to help the kids. We quickly found we could do some real good. With over 50 musicians that were born and raised in Hoboken, we are all about having some fun and doing our part. Our first concert in 2015 at the Elks Lodge raised over $18.000.00 for the Special Needs Children. Today, we are busy planning this coming year's event which is going to be bigger and better than the last. This year, our plan is to blow through that number, hit the streets and make history!



Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word... and of course, the music!




The Hoboken Elks Lodge #74 has been a pillar in the community since 1868. In support of the Special Needs Children, the Jam has teamed with the Elks to raise money to support their efforts.

Give A Helping Hand To The Special Needs Children

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The 2015 Hoboken All Star Music Jam was the first of it's kind, bringing together over 50 musicians to raise money for the Special Needs Children in the community.


To do great work, you need great people. Hoboken has produced some of the best musicians on the planet and to have them focused on doing their craft to help the community, All the better.

our mission:


From helping with the polio epidemic in the 1940's to clinical and vocational programs of today, clearly, great work has been done. They need everyone's help. Join us and meet the kids!